A little bit about us.

What we do

We grow fresh microgreens and wheatgrass year-round and indoors. Then we deliver our produce to our customers’ doorsteps within hours of harvest, weekly.

How do we grow? We use a modern vertical farming system that uses full-spectrum LEDs to replicate sunlight. It’s pretty cool ğŸ˜Ž

The result? Crops that are usually imported from Europe or further afield can now be grown right here in Malahide and delivered within hours of harvest even in the depths of winter.

Who we are

Jack Hussey - Co-founder

Likes: Triathlon, a good book, Revels chocolate, skiing.

Dislikes: People talking during the movie, fun of any sort, people who don’t buy wheatgrass.

Favourite Microgreen: Sangria radish for the win.

Jack Hussey
Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott - Co-founder

Likes: Dogs, copious amounts of coffee, sea swims, tennis, sailing.

Dislikes: Queues, reggaeton music, people who don’t buy microgreens.

Favourite Microgreens: Pea shoots all the way.

Our Farm