Microgreens Seed Subscription

How can we get more people growing microgreens at home and enjoying their benefits? We think that making it convenient and exciting is the answer!

Our Microgreens Seed Subscription delivers 4 seed packs to your door each month (with free delivery). You’ll get a mix of 4 different exciting microgreen varieties, premeasured so that each seed pack contains the exact amount needed for 1 grow tray.


  • 4x Microgreen Seed Packs (1 Grow per Pack).
  • Ongoing Growing Support by email from commercial microgreen farmers.
  • Free, Fast Delivery right to your doorstep.

This product can be ordered as a monthly subscription or as a one-time order, you can unsubscribe easily at any time. Monthly subscriptions benefit from a 20% discount, compared to one-time orders.

12.95 for each 30 days


We test-grow all our seeds in-house to make sure they have great germination and growth characteristics before sending them out. If you grow 1 tray a week, that means you’ll have a perfect monthly seed supply with new varieties each month and ongoing support from us!


  • Never run out of seeds!
  • Try exciting new microgreen varieties each month.
  • No waste, every pack contains the perfect quantity of seeds to fill one grow tray.
  • Save time & money, you can set it and forget it, seeds will arrive at your door like magic. No delivery fees, no traipsing around stores.
  • Email Growing Support from experienced microgreen growers for as long as your subscription is active.

Our Seed Packets

When we first started growing microgreens, we bought seeds from the local garden centre. The big issue we ran into was that the seed packets only contained about 2-4 grams of seed, while costing 3-4 euros.

Microgreens are planted really densely, so each tray needs about 7-9 grams of seed. Buying 2-3 packets of seed for each tray was far too pricey. Plus they didn’t have many of the varieties we wanted to grow.

Our seed packs are designed specifically for growing microgreens, each pack has just the right amount to seed one full tray. That means no waste and much better value.

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Some of the varieties we supply

You’ll receive 4 different microgreen seed varieties with each delivery. At this time it’s not possible to choose which varieties for logistical reasons. We’ve taste-tested them all and promise they’re all tasty though!

The full list:
(It's growing all the time)

Daikon Radish

Sangria Radish

Rioja Radish

Pea Shoots

Red Aztec Amaranth

Micro Broccoli

Micro Kale

Micro Red Cabbage

Sunflower Shoots

Micro Basil

"Its so convenient and easy now to add tasty and nutritious food to my meals . It’s great to know the owners and growers of the company because I can trust the quality of their produce. Thank you. Sincerely Anne"
Anne Macken

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetable greens which are harvested after the first stage of growth when they’re only 2-3 inches tall. They are packed full of nutrients, have an amazing taste and bring vibrant colours to your meals. 

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"I couldn't recommend them highly enough, fresh produce weekly,  delicious recipes and a great way to boost your nutrient and antioxidant intake !"
Orla Haughey

Still have questions? Just get in touch with us, either by emailing hi@upfarm.ie or through our contact page and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about the seed subscription or microgreens in general!