Complete Microgreens Grow-at-Home Kit

Start growing your own tasty & nutritious microgreens at home in as little as 7-10 days. The Upfarm Microgreens Grow-at-Home kit makes it easy, just add soil and you’re ready to grow!


  • 2x Upfarm Microgreen Grow Trays
  • 4x Microgreen Seed Packs (1 grow each)
  • 1x Upfarm Water Spray Bottle
  • Growing Guide and Tips & Tricks for growing success
  • 1 Month of Growing Support by email from commercial microgreen growers

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How to Grow


Add a layer of potting soil to the white mesh tray, pat it down and give it a good soak with water. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the soil.


Place your second tray on top of the germinating seeds. This will make it dark and force them to push their roots down into the soil.


After 3-4 days the seeds wil have germinated (they’ll be shooting up). Just remove the tray that’s stacked on top and add some tap water to the green base tray.


Watch them grow! Check the water each day and top it up a bit if needed. A bit of light from a nearby window or sunlight will help them shoot up. Typical grow times are 6-9 days.

"Its so convenient and easy now to add tasty and nutritious food to my meals . It’s great to know the owners and growers of the company because I can trust the quality of their produce. Thank you. Sincerely Anne"
Anne Macken

Our Microgreens Grow Trays

Our special growing trays are the secret to easily growing microgreens at home. 

They’re made up of two layers. The bottom green tray holds water and the white mesh tray holds the soil and supports the microgreens. 

As they grow, their roots drop down into the water below, soaking up the water they need, when they need it. No more overwatering!

Dimensions: Length 34cm, Width 25cm, Depth 5cm

Our Seed Packets

When we first started growing microgreens, we bought seeds from the local garden centre. The big issue we ran into was that the seed packets only contained about 2-4 grams of seed, while costing 3-4 euros.

Microgreens are planted really densely, so each tray needs about 7-9 grams of seed. Buying 2-3 packets of seed for each tray was far too pricey. Plus they didn’t have many of the varieties we wanted to grow.

Our seed packs are designed specifically for growing microgreens, each pack has just the right amount to seed one full tray. That means no waste and much better value.

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Some of the varieties we supply

You’ll receive 4 different microgreen seed varieties with your kit. At this time it’s not possible to choose which varieties for logistical reasons. We’ve taste-tested them all and promise they’re all tasty though!

The full list:
(It's growing all the time)

Daikon Radish

Sangria Radish

Rioja Radish

Pea Shoots

Red Aztec Amaranth

Micro Broccoli

Micro Kale

Micro Red Cabbage

Sunflower Shoots

Micro Basil

The only extra thing you need is soil.

We don’t ship soil due to it being so heavy, making shipping expensive and creating needless emisions.

We recommend using a simple, clean potting soil that you might use in the garden. You might even have some in the house/shed already. A 50L bag from a garden centre will be enough to fill 40-50 trays.

Note: Don’t use home compost or any soil with decomposing organic matter in it for hygiene reasons.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetable greens which are harvested after the first stage of growth when they’re only 2-3 inches tall. They are packed full of nutrients, have an amazing taste and bring vibrant colours to your meals. 

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Add some serious flavour to your home cooking

Microgreens have a range of intense, aromatic flavours. From sweet to spicy and citrusy to earthy there’s a microgreen to complement every home-cooked masterpiece.

A tasty way to boost your nutrient & antioxidant intake

Microgreens contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. They’ve been shown to have vitamin and nutrient levels up to 40x higher than mature vegetables. Most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper.

Add a splash of colour to your dishes

From lush greens to intense reds, there’s no match for micros when it comes to giving your meals a serious wow factor. Our personal favourite is a sprinkle of intense Red Aztec Amaranth.

"I couldn't recommend them highly enough, fresh produce weekly,  delicious recipes and a great way to boost your nutrient and antioxidant intake !"
Orla Haughey

Common Questions

Unfortunately, it’s not logistically possible for us to offer this at the moment. If this is a must-have that is holding you back from growing, please let us know with a quick email.

Slightly larger than the average laptop. The exact outer dimensions are:

Length 34cm
Width 25cm
Depth 5cm

We recommend making a trip to your local garden centre if you don’t already have a bag of soil handy. One big bag of potting soil will last a long time with microgreens.

Regular, clean potting soil works just fine for microgreens. If you want to get serious, you could order some coco coir – a coconut husk based soil which holds water really well and is perfect for microgreens. getupandgrow.ie and growshop.ie both sell coco coir online for reasonable prices (around €13 for a 50L bag).

After placing your order, we’ll get everything ready and shipped out in the next 1-3 working days. Then it ships with An Post and typically arrives between 1-4 working days.

This package allows you to grow 1 tray of microgreens each week of the month. We think it’s a good amount of microgreens for 1-2 people.

Still have questions? Just get in touch with us, either by emailing hi@upfarm.ie or through our contact page and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about the kit or microgreens in general!